Software Services

Enabling your business with right technology and practices.

We help transform your business with solutions which are practical,affordable and applicable for your business needs.We have experience in global best practices and follow best of breed approaches.

Software Development/Product Implementation:

We bring in vast experience with best of breed solutions which we have adapted to simple customer needs.We work with onsite and offshore teams to ensure our customers get immense value.We manage offshore teams and minimize your offshore concerns.We also work with partner companies to provide scale.
We can help craft your cloud strategies and cloud adoption.


Being an affiliate partner of Shopify and having done a fair bit of work on Shopify platform,we can you up and running in quick time.
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We are experienced in online to offline,can help with process consulting for your online and physical stores.

We have reinforced our skills in E-commerce/shopping carts,payment gateways.We can provide skills in ATG ,Hybris,Magento,Market Press

Software Service Companies/Product Marketing:

If you are a software company wanting representation in Asia Pac or a product company looking at establishing your network,we can provide a ready platform to kickstart your operations.

Cyber Intelligence:

Cyber Intelligence (sometimes referred to as “Threat Intelligence”) is perceived by most organizations as a necessary component, complementing the organization’s security apparatus with an external layer of prevention. Intelligence provides the ability to search beyond the organization perimeter and identify threats before they manifest (or after and event has occurred).
However, selecting the proper cyber-intelligence service, testing it, integrating it into the organization’s workflows and system is a complicated task. In short- knowing the intelligence is beneficial is one thing, implementing it is quite another…
Most organizations are not equipped with the knowledge and expertise to engage in this activity, and therefore miss out on the many benefits threat intelligence can provide:

  1. Identify Data leakage – intelligence can identify information that was leaked from the organization outside, like username and passwords of employees and services, organizations confidential documents, email content and much more

  2. Provide Attack indication – identify someone who wants to harm the organization or already has and published it on the web.

  3. Ensure Brand security – identify who is trying to use the organization brand in order to manipulate clients, like creating fake websites, social media pages or fake applications.

  4. Identify Phishing / fraudulent domains – see who is trying to register a fake domain with a similar name of your company.

  5.  Highlights Exploitable data – identify and highlight gaps in the organization’s systems, like vulnerabilities in technologies and updates, code injections to the company websites and unencrypted public exposure of the organization’s information.

  6.  Reveals VIP risks– protect VIPs from malicious actors using fake Senior Management identities, which is a popular vector of attacks, alerting the organization if someone is using this vector can be crucial for the organization.

 Along with our experienced partner , we’ve thought long and hard how to make intelligence accessible to all organizations.
We’ve come to the conclusion that conducting a quick “snapshot” assessment of the organization is the best way to demonstrate the benefits of intelligence to organizations.

We offer an intelligence assessment that is conducted over a 2 week period, requires no previous knowledge or expertise from the organization and provides a concise image of the organization’s exposure and risk levels across the 6 cyber intelligence domains.

What can you expect from such “quick and dirty” assessment? Any threats lurking for your organization?Contact us to schedule an assessment today!