About Us

We inspire expansion and growth!

Human Touch is the region’s leading go to market company for organizations of various sizes. We hand hold you and work together in your quest for global success providing soft landing and market incubation services across South East Asia, India and USA.

Headquartered in Singapore since 2004, we offer specialized business solutions to clients looking for hands-on implementation support in their market expansion strategy, planning/structuring of business models and hands on services to meet business goals.


We have been providing diverse services across a range of industries with our clients from the public, private and not for profit sectors globally.Human Touch brings in tremendous experience across the globe.

Our motto is providing the best of services with a Human Touch and a singular focus “Attention to our customers”

Our interests range from:

Consultancy    Education    Commodities    Software and Digital initiatives    Recruitment

We are diverse because we solve customer problems and address their needs-Talk to us if you do not find what you are looking for and we may be able to assist you via our network connections.